Little Yeses Leads to BIG Yeses

How you can use this simple approach to marketing

Hi, Nhat Pham, chief strategist for SUCCESSWERKS. So, what I mean by “Little yeses leads to big yeses” whether it’s in dating, or in business, or sales, you need little yeses first before you get to the big yeses. Let me give you an example.

When I used to be in car sales, I had a lady who was in the service department and getting an oil change. And I said,

“Hey, you want to check out the next level car that’s out here?”

She goes “No, I’m just getting an oil change. I don’t want to buy a new car.” And I said “That’s okay! Just test drive one!” She said yes, she drove it, she liked it. She got back in and I said: “Hey, you just want to check numbers on it?” “Okay, I’ll check numbers on it.”

And then I said, “Hey, do you want to go ahead and see what that looks like, as far as payments go?” “Ehh, sure!” “You want to see what it would look like if we could trade your vehicle in and get a substantial amount for it?”


Next thing you know, she was driving out in a new car. Now, I didn’t say, “Hey, you need to buy a new car!” I said, “Hey, you just want to drive it?” And those little yeses from just an oil change; two hours later she was driving a new car.

And so many times in marketing we want to have this big ad, and people just to buy. The thing is, you need little yeses, particularly the bigger the ticket item, the more little yeses you need.

So the next time you go out marketing, spend a lot of ad budget to do that. Think about how you’re gonna get the next little yeses, okay? You can put out a big billboard, whatever the case may be. Are you going to give them a little small sample, a coupon, whatever it is to get them to say little¬†yeses.

So little yeses lead to big yeses, remember that. So I’ll see you next time; be successful and stay social!

Nhat Pham
Nhat Pham
As the Chief Strategist of SUCCESSWERKS Creative as well as co-founder of Two Twelve Referral Network, Nhat helps Organizations, Entrepreneurs, & companies grow, develop business & GET RESULTS using Social Networking & Online tools through consultation, strategy, and execution. SUCCESSWERKS Creative helps you create disruptive campaigns that convert so you lower acquisition costs, build good will value and automate lead generation.

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