Landing Page Tips: Increasing Lead Conversions

Landing Page Tips: Increasing Lead Conversions
June 19, 2017 Mia Vandegrift

Landing pages, who needs them? Well, you do. And we do. Really, landing pages are an essential- and often brushed aside- tool in your marketing arsenal. Just building a decent landing page- and following a few simple guidelines- can increase your website’s conversion rate without increasing website traffic by a single visitor.


Instead of spending your entire budget on building new campaigns and producing new ads, you can focus on building a stronger foundation in what you already have. Consider it a win-win: it’s a minimal cost for potential huge gains.

When you need four different calls-to-action in your campaign, take the time to build those four landing pages instead of compiling everything onto one page. The more simplified landing pages you have, the more likely you are to gain conversions.

Keep it simple: don’t overwhelm your visitor with multiple options on a landing page. Having one single specific call-to-action button on your page can increase conversion over 60%! Keep it clean, keep it neat, keep it easy to follow. Try not to demand too much information from your visitor, either. Ask for the information you need; you can get the rest that you want later.

Keep it interesting! Did you know adding a quick video to a landing page can drastically increase you conversions as well? Also, make your page look fun and dynamic. When you keep your visitor engaged, they’re far more likely to want to engage back with you.

You should very quickly see a drastic change in your conversion rates. Frequently, increasing a website conversion rate by as little as 1% will improve your bottom line more than doubling your website’s traffic could.


Here’s the full infographic with a few more stats on Why You Need to Level Up Your Landing Pages as soon as possible:





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