Five Winners and One Hero

Five Winners and One Hero
April 28, 2016 SW Staff

Five Steps to Solve Any Problem

With the Five Winners and One Hero


What is it that you are trying to solve?
What are the parameters?
What are you trying to fix?


Why is this compelling to do what you need to do?
If the reason for doing things aren’t compelling enough then you might end up doing something else.
But if that “why” is compelling then you have to ask yourself “where?”


Without a deadline, things might not get solved. it is really important to set deadlines and due dates in order to achieve the goal you are going for.


Sometimes we need to consider “where”
Where is it at?
Where is the problem?
where is it now?


Who is going to be part of this team?
Who is affected by this?
Who benefits from this?


Once you have answered all the winners, then the “How” will follow


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